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Why should you work with us?


Big Service without Big Rates


We invest only in overhead that provides value to our clients. We leverage technology in order to ensure that we can deliver a Big experience without charging Big rates.

It’s true, we want your business, and we are willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

Once you engage with us, you will find that we care about your success as much as you do! Our interest is in sustained client relationships, not high profit margins.

What makes us better consultants?

We've been around for a while. cyberlis was incorporated in 1999 with a mandate to deliver IT consulting services to the Greater Toronto Area. Since that time, we have evolved into a management consulting firm with an international reach. While our principal consulting team has accumulated over 100 years combined work experience, we strive to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market.


We've been there. Our consultants have been advising clients, performing audits and implementing solutions for businesses that range from the enterprise to the micro start-up.


We've done that.  We have made our share of mistakes and are not afraid to admit them. We have learned that there is no such thing as a bad experience if you can learn from it.  We have managed to take off our rose coloured glasses without becoming cynical. We "get" Dilbert but we don't strive to live it. 


We can take the load.  We understand that effecting change is a full time job. Because we have the necessary skills and experience, we can help you bring about the organizational change that you want while allowing you to continue focussing on business as usual.



What makes us better at project management?


We take a pragmatic approach. We recognize that a PMP or PRINCE2 designation can demonstrate a firm grasp of a very key framework. At the same time, we have learned how much is too much when implementing project management processes.

We are qualified to help you through any IT or organizational change.


We have managed projects ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary. From installing a router to migrating an organization through a fundamental business change, we assist our clients with not only coping but excelling with their new reality.


We know your business. Our market verticals include banking, finance, media, legal, manufacturing, not-for-profit, government and marketing.


We won't waste your time. We will engage with you in the most efficient means possible, using technologies such as SharePoint to coordinate and exchange information effectively so that you can maximize the amount of time you spend on running your business. 


We know when it's done. As part of bringing about organizational change, we will transition the solution so that it becomes business as usual.