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Theodore Keith, Jr. CEO Primax

"Susan's experience and expertise at product development, risk management and P&L management were solidly demonstrated during her tenure at Butterfield Bank. As one of our top clients, she launched more new products than any other client and developed top-shelf co-branded programs with multiple airline brands. She also managed her fraud losses to levels well below industry averages using a focused analysis and an in-depth working relationship with our company to manage strategies to achieve that elusive balance between customer service and risk mitigation. As a financial professional, Susan was able to manage expenses in a positive way with her suppliers, while leveraging every potential revenue source to maximize the bottom line. She is the most skilled and professional payments program manager we have ever had the pleasure of working with." 

Cam Willett, Indspire Institute Program Director at Indspire

"We contracted Cyberlis to manage a major infrastructure upgrade simultaneously with the development and launch of our new online Institute. Roz is a detailed-oriented project manager with a deep knowledge of organizational culture and information technology. Its hard to imagine how we would have been successful without their expertise. Roz went well above and beyond what I might have expected of a contracted project manager and was worth every penny!"

Erin Luckett Product Specialist,

"Roz is one of the most effective project manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She establishes a strong relationships and is always willing to go the extra mile and lend a helping hand. We all came to depend on her skills, attention to detail and drive towards the completion of projects, Her energy and good humor simply made the daily meetings pleasant and motivating. Ros would make a strong addition to a variety of organizations."

Felix Rubinshtein Senior SAP Consultant, Butterfield Bank

"I worked with Roz on the 6 month long project and was quite impressed with her Project Management skills. Her ability to always keep on top of things, find quick resolutions to any surfaced issues, and keep lines of communications going at all times with all members of the project team was invaluable to the success of the project. You can hire Roz to manage the toughest of projects and expect nothing but stellar results."

Matt Ambrose Principal Consultant, Logic Communications Ltd

"No matter what the task, Roz gets the job done...period. She is professional, efficient, effective and a pleasure to work with."

Ben Barlaba Snr. Business Development Manager, Logic Communications

"Roz is by far the most effective project manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with. During her tenure at Logic as Principal Consultant, she quickly established a strong reputation as a PM that got the job done. Our customers came to depend on her skills, meticulous attention to detail and drive towards the completion of projects that she was in constant demand. Her energy and good humor simply made the experience for both collegues and customers that much more positive when working with her. It is a rare occassion when the departure of a collegue and their contribution to the organisation is truly missed...Roz is such a collegue."

David Wright President and Owner, Agora Consulting Partners

"Roz is a highly skilled consultant. She has exceptional technical depth combined with excellent communications skills. She develops deep and valuable relationships with clients who easily come to trust her expertise and candor."

January 26, 2009, David managed Roz indirectly at Sage Information Consultants - now Agora Consulting Partners

Chris Pedini, VP Financial Solutions
Paragon Advanced Resource Center (PARC)

"I had the pleasure of meeting Roz when we were both working in Bermuda. I was fortunate to work closely with her on several high profile initiatives and Roz always demonstrated a mastery of methodology, organization and peer mentoring that was world class. Status meetings became a ritual of other project staff reporting all the reasons why they were going to be late, and then Roz would recite all the measures she had taken to keep her projects moving forward and staying to plan. (read: she "got it")

Roz is relentless while still showing patience, full of insight while still able to listen, methodology driven while still able to improvise, and always able to stay the course by "tacking" to use an unplanned change in direction to her advantage. A real master of the process." 

Nik Smale VP Director Technology Compliance, Butterfield Bank

"I found working with Linda a pleasure, her understanding of the subject combined with real world application made the process of producing results far easier."

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Sergio Estevez

Vice President & Senior Business Leader, Regional Accounts

MasterCard Worldwide/ Latin America and the Caribbean

"I have worked closely with Susan both at Scotiabank and at the Bank of Butterfield in Bermuda and was always very impressed with her.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the payments arena and is someone that has strong leadership skills, is very strategic and is very hands on. Susan is very well respected within payments and credit cards and also served at the MasterCard Latin America board for some time.  I would highly recommend Susan." 

M. Sean Lee Head of Retail Banking, Butterfield Bank

"Roz constructed a tracking tool in midstream of a major Bank IT implementation that enabled us to track issues and identify trends that impacted clients. She was always very clear in what she could accomplish and delivered early. She was a delight to work with."

Sean S. Pillai Senior Director, Technology Applications and Database, Internal Audit at CIBC

"Linda is highly personable and her work is of high integrity. Our area in CIBC have used her services under KPMG. I highly recommend her for her consultative skills."

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Chris Hopkins .NET Consultant, Butterfield Bank

"Rosalind and I worked together on a several projects, the predominant project being a multi-national, multi-currency general ledger consolodation system - which completed on-time and in budget. Rosalind is an excellent project manager with great communications skills. She runs a professional project with proper planning/procedures, minutes are always up-to-date, obstacles are dealt with in a timely manner. She understands the technical and the business and can bridge the two - a highly desirable trait. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosalind to any potential client."

Jolyn Barrow Education Consultant and Consultant, JB Training Resources

"When a job needs a dedicated, organized, level-headed project manager, Roz is the person to call. The project of implmenting SAP Financials for the Butterfield Bank subsidiaries was a success due in large part to the efforts put forth by Roz. I would work with Roz again anytime." 

Anne Hengen

PMO Manager at Intelerad Medical Systems

"Roz was a great trainer for our 4-day PMP exam prep bootcamp class. She really knew the PMBOK material well. In the end, what she trained us on was exactly what was on the exam, so I felt very well-prepared. She also has a lot of practical PM experience herself from working in IT project management for many years. She was also personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Roz as a PMP exam prep trainer."