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​How can we help you rescue a product lauch that is in trouble?

Rescuing a Product Launch


Are you in the middle of a product launch and are experiencing one or more of the following?


  • Multiple delays and new launch dates
  • Communication issues with key stakeholders
  • No dedicated internal sponsor or project manager

 If so, we can help rescue your project and bring it back on track.


Our Services

  • Problem identification, analysis and triage
  • Project strategy analysis
  • Project resources

Key Outputs

  • Prioritized list of identified root causes and recommended solutions
  • Revised internal project strategy


Project Triage and Resolution


We will assist you with bringing a troubled product launch back on track by working with you to:

  • Determine your key success factors
  • Re-align your project scope with your key success factors
  • Determine what roadblocks exists and isolate root causes
  • Develop a roadmap to rescue your product launch


Project Resource Analysis


We will analyze your human and other resources to ensure that they are:

  • Fit for purpose
  • Adequately leveraged
  • Cost effective


Project Communications


Effective communication is critical to understanding whether you are succeeding or not. We will help you understand whether:

  • Successes are being communicated effectively
  • Potential failures are being highlighted in a timely manner
  • The project management team is effective at:
    • Managing up
    • Managing down
    • Managing laterally

For more information on how we manage projects,

consult our project management blog.