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​How can we help you  maximize the chance

that your product launch is successful?

​Planning Your Product Launch


Product Design


We will analyze your current suite of offerings and provide you with guidance on how to:


  • Refresh existing offerings
  • Develop new products to meet your customers needs

We will help you develop offerings that include:


  • Rewards programs
  • New Partnerships
  • Co-branding solutions

We will help you know your competitors and differentiate yourself.


Marketing Your Product Portfolio


We will help you market your card products by:

  • Mining your current customer base for sales opportunities
  • Developing a sales strategy
  • Selecting appropriate marketing platforms


Card Product Governance


As part of the product launch, we can help you develop the following key documents:


  • Credit Policy and Procedures
  • Collection Policy and Procedures
  • Cardholder Agreements
  • Card Application Forms