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​How can

you  leverage


Credit Policy to generate revenue?

How to Leverage your Credit Policy...


As part of our service offering we would review your existing credit policy and recommend improvements that would:

  • Increase the revenue from your existing card portfolio
  • Increase credit card penetration into the existing client base
  • Ensure that your policy incorporates industry best practices
  • Increase credit card application approval rates while effectively managing risk
  • Provide analysis with respect to how your new credit policy can impact your bottom line


How to Improve your Existing Card Product Revenue Streams...


We will help you grow your business by:

  • Showing you how to make the most of your interchange revenue
  • Reviewing your current rate and fee structure to identify additional revenue opportunities
  • Understanding the hidden costs involved in processing transactions and optimizing your processes to maximize profits


How to Increase Penetration with your Customer Base...


We will analyze your customer base and make sure you are:

  • Effectively cross-selling credit card products to all your customers
  • Offering your customers the right products
  • Offering the right incentives to maximize credit card use
  • Motivating staff to increase sales of card products in a retail environment
  • Ensure that you are providing a complete suite of product offerings to meet your customer needs